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Enjoy freshly-milled, freshly-made and freshly-cooked, gluten-free soba (buckwheat noodles)


ShimBashi Soba



What Is Soba?

Soba (buckwheat) is high in nutrients and low in calories. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and most notably rutin which is a strong antioxidant.

Elements of our Soba

In response to our customers’ requests, we have been serving only gluten-free items at our restaurants since 2018.

gluten free!

Noodle Dish

high Quality

Tasmanian Buckwheat

Slow Moving Japanese

Stone Mill


Homemade Broth

Buckwheat grown in Tasmania is originated from Japan. Tasmania is the ideal place to grow buckwheat due to its cool climate, fertile soil, clean air and pristine water. Tasmanian buckwheat is produced without the use of chemicals.

Using a Japanese stone mill, only the right amount of buckwheat flour needed for each day is milled at low speed and low temperature process to ensure that nutrients and distinctive flavour of buckwheat are retained.

Each Soba restaurant takes pride in its own unique Tsuyu (broth). In our kitchen, first we make Dashi stock using thick dried bonito shavings specially ordered from a long-established manufacturer in Japan. Then, Dashi is mixed with homemade soy sauce and aged for 3 days to make our tasty and flavoursome Tsuyu.


best source of high quality protein

The Benefits of Soba


high fibre, low in fat


high in minerals; iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium


filled with vitamins; B1, B2 & P


rutin decreases heart disease and stroke risk


a macrobiotic food


high antioxidants help slow the ageing process


lowers cholestorol & blood pressure

No heat is generated because the crushing energy applied to the milled material is not applied. If we use this method, the flavour becomes stronger and quality is maintained.

Burn prevention

Since it is milled while being confined in the stone mill surface, the scent does not fly and dust is not generated (the scent is kept properly).

Sealed-in scent

The stone mill creates a fine grind. Compared to a machine mill, all buckwheat particles are grinned to a round and smooth texture.

Grind master

Aired out 

The groove of the stone mill, especially the groove of the upper lid, has good
ventilation and prevents heat from being trapped on the mill surface.

All about the blend

The stone mill's function of kneading powder on the stone surface is similar to crushing. When the powder is crushed, fine particles are sprinkled around the large grains. This is believed to have a positive effect when kneading buckwheat.

The perfect catch

The fine surface structure of the stone surface catches the particles and prevents heat generation due to friction.

The Benefits of Stone Mill

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